Recent releases for GDPRDPIAT 2024-06-24T03:19:50.493773+00:00 python-feedgen GDPRDPIAT v1.0 GDPRDPIAT v1.0 2019-01-15T19:39:24+00:00 A simple GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment that outputs the collected data to screen. 2019-01-15T19:39:24+00:00 GDPRDPIAT v2.0 GDPRDPIAT v2.0 2019-01-15T19:52:48+00:00 A GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment tool that uses [Staticman]( to persist assessments into Git, enabling a GitOps-based Security self-assessment workflow by developers to support wider DevSecOps practices. 2019-01-15T19:52:48+00:00 GDPRDPIAT v2.0.1 GDPRDPIAT v2.0.1 2019-01-21T11:43:38+00:00 # Fixes * Fixes a [Staticman]( submission bug relating to its v3 API. 2019-01-21T11:43:38+00:00 GDPRDPIAT v3.0.0 GDPRDPIAT v3.0.0 2020-05-15T22:56:43+00:00 This release includes charting functionality of collected Data Protection Impact Assessments. 2020-05-15T22:56:43+00:00 GDPRDPIAT v3.0.1 GDPRDPIAT v3.0.1 2022-07-07T10:35:43+00:00 ## What's Changed * Bugfixes/surveyjs cdn by @simonarnell in **Full Changelog**: 2022-07-07T10:35:43+00:00