Recent releases for monarc-stats-service 2022-07-02T13:36:55.779448+00:00 python-feedgen monarc-stats-service v0.1.9 monarc-stats-service v0.1.9 2020-07-08T12:01:28+00:00 First release. 2020-07-08T12:01:28+00:00 monarc-stats-service v0.1.10 monarc-stats-service v0.1.10 2020-07-16T06:57:02+00:00 Second release (with GitHub workflow to publish releases on pypi). 2020-07-16T06:57:02+00:00 monarc-stats-service v0.2.0 monarc-stats-service v0.2.0 2020-11-18T22:58:46+00:00 ## Version 0.2.0 (2020-11-18) ### New - First stable and, almost, feature complete version of Stats Service. A description of what has been implemented is available in the `docs` folder. 2020-11-18T22:58:46+00:00 monarc-stats-service v0.3.0 monarc-stats-service v0.3.0 2021-02-12T15:42:53+00:00 ### Notable changes - improvements to the existing processors (threat_average_on_date, vulnerability_average_on_date); - new processor for risks (risk_averages_on_date); - new command to purge stats older than the number of months specified in parameter; - improvements to the loading of the configuration; - improvements to the charts of the global stats page; - added new 'about more' page; - added new help page; - completed documentation; - various fixes. 2021-02-12T15:42:53+00:00 monarc-stats-service v0.4.0 monarc-stats-service v0.4.0 2021-05-11T14:38:53+00:00 ### Notable changes - redesigned the *Current Cybersecurity Landscape* dashboard; - added a *Cybersecurity Weather Map* page; - performances improvements for the processor ``threat_average_on_date``; - the lib/ helper is now using [PyMOSP]( in order to check if an object is present on MOSP (; - improved auto-update procedure. ![Screenshot_20210511_164933]( 2021-05-11T14:38:53+00:00 monarc-stats-service v0.5.0 monarc-stats-service v0.5.0 2022-06-20T12:27:47+00:00 - chg: [documentation] Updated documentation (9f38db11b382d8516fb71b60154aa0c7ba77004c); - chg: [API] CLIENT_REGISTRATION_OPEN is now set to True by default (b277436f81bbac1445822f0399dc348c5e283f70); - fix: [security] prevent the creation of new admin users (even by an admin) (257c16fed890bda8974594238a743f8afda0ff5a); - fix: replaced after_request by before_request for the API (88a276bf4d5f35e4e5da6ac065e1eb62f2892670); - small codebase fix for container image (82cdeaa714dbff14b9068c0b65c302ec4d02b3c4); - dockerfile and build pipeline (f8c663b61e1c8475d0f17060690d9920a1cc9e90); - updated Python dependencies. 2022-06-20T12:27:47+00:00 monarc-stats-service v0.5.1 monarc-stats-service v0.5.1 2022-06-21T21:59:16+00:00 Changes ~~~~~~~ - [dependenvies] Updated Python dependencies. 2022-06-21T21:59:16+00:00